Xero + Stripe : Get Small Businesses Paid Faster

Cash flow is a top priority for small businesses. Knowing you have money in the bank to pay your bills and employees is essential to running a stable business.

A recent Xero study found that only 51% of Xero users are cash flow positive each month. Xero wants to increase that number by helping small businesses get paid sooner.

To assist in this process, Xero announced a partnership with global payment processor Stripe to create a set of experiences that make it easy for small businesses to get paid faster.

The first two innovations announced are under development and include:

  • Stripe Feed - A new design which will bring comprehensive transaction data for all Stripe payments into Xero for easy reconciliation and more significant insights, whether a small business sends invoices from the Xero platform or its eCommerce site.

  • Auto pay - Allows small businesses to set up and receive recurring payments for repeat billing customers directly through Xero.

Xero will also be the first major small business accounting platform to offer such a comprehensive Stripe feed, included in the cost of all Xero subscriptions.

Interested in how this can impact your business? Reach out and speak to one of our Xero Experts.