Why Having a Mentor Can Be a Huge Factor to Scaling Your Business

Mentors can be really powerful tools to have both personally and professionally. With growing companies in particular, if you can find yourself a great mentor, you’ve basically struck gold. A mentor will open you up to a world of wisdom and connections beyond your wildest dreams. Okay, so maybe not beyond your wildest dreams, but it will certainly give you a leg up to know someone already in the industry.

What to Look for in a Mentor

Similar Industry As Yourself
Some people will argue that to be a good business mentor you don’t need experience in the same field, and while that opinion definitely has value, if you can find a business professional in your industry, it will do you a lot better.

Credibility & Merit
When it comes to selecting a mentor, you’re going to want to find someone that has at least a little bit of proven success I’m not talking about Bill Gates success or anything, but someone who will be able to speak from past experiences and lead you in the right direction.

Trust & Ability to Guide
When it comes to running a business, you’re going to be dealing with a lot of confidential information. You’re going to want someone who you can confide in without having to worry about if they are trustworthy or not.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

Provides Blueprints for your Future
If you’re able to find a self-made businessman as a mentor, you’ve basically got the blueprints to success at your disposal. This person will be able to give you insight into the industry that you would not have had otherwise. They will give you the opportunity to learn from their mistakes instead of always having to learn from your own. Having a mentor doesn’t give you a full-proof map to success, but it certainly is the next best thing.

As a the founder of a startup, you probably have already figured out how valuable networking and finding connections can be. You’re absolutely right. Perhaps the best advantage to having a mentor is that you have access to a large network of individuals that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. Make sure you use these resources when you need them and always offer your services to them in return.

So before launching your startup, make sure you have a reliable ear to listen to you and a great hand of wisdom to guide you. But for everything else, there’s Basis 365.

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