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Why You'll Love Xero

  • Super user-friendly.

  • Massive add-on partner directory to meet almost any business need
    check out apps like FUTRLI or DEAR Inventory .

  • Flexible reporting, providing you with the insight you need to run your business.

  • Mobile-friendly.

  • Extremely high up-time.

  • Secure file and data storage.

  • Future ready!

I am so glad we made the switch to Xero and the Basis team. The level of insight I have in to my business is allowing me to make the right decisions at the right time. I wish we had this in place years ago!
— Jay Rhodus, Principal at 10TH DEGREE


Why We Love Xero

  • Native to the cloud from day 1. No Frankenstein code like other "cloud" accounting apps that start with a Q :) 

  • Open API yields robust, mature add-on network allowing us to implement a streamlined, integrated accounting solution and workflow. 

  • Forward thinking, and we don't just mean next years new feature. They are working on how big data BI and machine learning can revolutionize the accounting industry. 

  • Bridging the gap for small businesses too big for off the shelve apps but not large enough to justify the costs of a NetSuite or Intacct implementation.

  • They think like us. The applicatiion fits their culture which is important to us as our accounting platform partner. 


Xero and Basis 365 电竞竞猜选手今日网址 loves to
collaborate and promote cloud-accounting

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Luke Mysse & Basis 365 Partners with Xero to STOP SaM

Former auditor Mike Doan wanted to small businesses grow, so he co-founded Basis 365 电竞竞猜选手今日网址. Now, working with clients like Luke Mysse  of STOP SAM, Mike can collaborate and communicate about the numbers. And Xero makes it easy.

Xero Chats with Mike Doan about his rock band past

Ever thought of becoming an accountant? Read about Mike Doan’s journey from a high school rock band to co-founding an outsourced accounting company.