What's Ahead: Small Business Trends to Expect in 2022

A new year brings a series of emotions for small business owners– anticipation, worry, and sometimes even fear. As any entreprenuer will tell you going out on your own isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s been an unprecedented year and a half as the pandemic challenged businesses, big and small, to think differently.

While the business world has changed in unexpected ways, entrepreneurs are entering 2022 filled with renewed excitement and ready to put the lessons the pandemic taught them to work to achieve new heights.

So, what comes next? Here are some business trends to keep in mind for 2022.


As we focus on our new normal, customers have responded positively to businesses offering convenience as a feature. Adding accommodations like flexible cancellation policies, contactless payment, or scheduled delivery is an intelligent way to build customer loyalty in 2022.


When companies pivoted into remote solutions, they discovered new ways to help customers feel safe and protected; even if your company decides to bring back in-person services in 2022, it's a good idea to keep remote options available.


Fast shipping is no longer guaranteed, and manufacturing along with shipping delays will force businesses to adapt in 2022. To combat this change, companies need to be transparent with their customers about supply chain delays—and ramp up customer service efforts to compensate.


Businesses will continue to move towards sustainablity and items that align with their personal values. You can start by taking a look at areas of your own business in which you would like to improve. Consider switching to compostable packaging, choosing sustainable suppliers and or looking to donate to enviromental costs.

Once you have a business strategy to steer you through the uncertainty, it’s essential to keep a pulse on the state of your business. Keeping track of weekly and monthly sales figures can tell you what aspects of your new strategy are working and what may need refinement. Plus, having organized and accurate financials from the start of the year saves you time and stress down the road—so you can stay focused on the tasks that grow your business.

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