What traits does a successful outsourced accounting firm possess?

When interviewing an outsourced accounting department to work with, you want to make sure you're making the right decision - the first time. There are many companies choose from, and most have qualified accountants and bookkeepers, but the most successful companies share three common traits.

What traits does a successful outsourced accounting department possess?

Strong Communication Skills

When outsourcing your accounting, you'll want to find an outsourced firm with solid communication skills, as you need to know where your financials stand at any given time. Don't settle for being left in the dark or little to no communication regarding your company's numbers. A solid outsourced accounting department will also keep you in the loop and keep you appraised of your current financial situation. At Basis 365, we provide a dedicated team made up of an accounting manager, controller, and bookkeeper. We provide complete transparency and our cloud-based structure allows clients t access their financial records at their convenience.


Your outsourced accounting department should have a willingness to share information and learn new things. It is essential to have a company working for you that stays up-to-date with where things are coming from and technology and apps that could impact your business for the better... or worse. When you work with Basis 365, it's like having another employee on your team; only you don't pay for their training or benefits. Our team continues their education with professional development and works to stay on top of all new regulations and policies. You get a team working for you without having to worry about any of the management and support that ensures greatness.

A sense of leadership

Any outsourced accounting department you work with should possess a strong sense of leadership and be ready to step in and take over all aspects of your accounting needs. After all, that's why you are outsourcing your accounting to them. Ensure you align your company with a team that will step up to the plate and works to make your life easier.

At Basis 365 we work to continuously meet all three of these important traits that need in an outsourced accounting department. Want to continue this conversation? Download our partner interview guide before you hire your next outsourced accounting team.