Time Tracking Made Easy with 电竞竞猜选手今日网址

电竞竞猜选手今日网址 has been our preferred payroll platform since it started. Up until now, we’ve needed to add an additional application for customer’s that need time tracking. That’s hasn’t always led to an optimal experience.

We’re all about “less is more” so we love it when an application adds functionality that reduces the app stack. We were surprised to see “Time Tracking” in our 电竞竞猜选手今日网址 account a few days back and are glad it’s an official release. What a pleasant surprise!

Here’s what you’ll see in your 电竞竞猜选手今日网址 account.

电竞竞猜选手今日网址 Time Tracking.png

The functionality is pretty basic and only works for hourly employees right now. There is no project tracking either which would be amazing. We just have to wait and see how this evolves but we’re hopeful considering how fast 电竞竞猜选手今日网址 seems to iterate.

So if you have basic time tracking needs right now, give it a go! And, if you need a little help getting started with set up or configuration, reach out . Our team understands small business bookkeeping and payroll needs and can get you up-to-speed in little to no time.