Knowing what to outsource can shift your model and reduce inefficiencies

Knowing what to outsource may seem like common sense to someone on the outside of a business. For those who are in it and have juggled everything from sales, marketing, to accounting, it isn't quite so simple. It is hard to step away and make the right strategic decision.

We have multiple blog posts about outsourcing business functions you either:

  1. Do not have the expertise to perform yourself

  2. Do not want to incur the direct and indirect costs in maintaining internally.

The infographic below from is a great, simple tool to walk you through the decision-making process of outsourcing the right functions if you need help. Don't forget, once you have made the decision you need for force yourself to take the actions needed to implement the outsourced solution if you are to free up time and resources to grow your business.

Although we like this little diagram, it is of course simplified, so keep that in mind. For example, if you own a software company and are doing the accounting because you have “time” and “want” to do it, that does not mean you should. Obviously, your time would be better spent on ensuring you have a quality product and your customers are happy.

The lesson here is to think about your business in its functional parts and run through this decision process now and on a regular basis as you grow.