While remote work has become the norm since the pandemic in 2020, we here at Basis 365 are well accustomed to it. However, not having that in-person interaction requires us to do a few things differently. So we've detailed a list of ways that you can implement to help keep your remote team engaged and still feeling like part of the company no matter where they are located.

1. Be Flexible

Being a flexible employer is one of the most incredible benefits for remote employees. While there are mandatory hourly requirements, meetings, and events requiring attendance, trusting your employees to get their work done throughout the rest of the week is sure to keep everyone happy. In addition, flexibility allows employees to do more of what works best for them to have a healthier, less stressful life.

2. Technology is your friend

Sometimes the tone of a person's voice can get lost in an email or a game of phone tag to convey a message. Using programs like Zoom or Google Meets allows face-to-face communication to help fix those above-referenced issues. Also, sometimes it's easier to jump on a quick video call than sending a plethora of emails back and forth. Many different programs can assist with internal communications, and utilizing them will help keep communication lines open between employees.

3. Social Interaction

Technology doesn't always have to be used for formal business work. For example, creating spaces for your employees to interact and participate in some "water cooler" conversation will allow them to step away from work for a quick break like they would in an office setting. Things like this help keep employee morale high and enable employees to communicate outside of the usual work.

4. Ask for Feedback

It's necessary to encourage and listen to feedback from your remote employees, as they may see things differently from working inside the office. Always remind them that their opinion is valued, as when employees feel valued, they are happier and more willing to work.

5. Keep Employees in the Loop

No one likes to feel like they are left in the dark in or outside the company. However, it can be easy for remote employees to get left out of the loop with certain things in a hybrid workplace. Using a project tracking system such as Harvest allows you to keep everyone on the same page. Also, consider holding regular meetings between departments, and even do 1-on-1s to create a regular dialogue between employees and management.

Remote work will continue to grow in the upcoming years, which means business owners must understand that managing and engaging their remote employees is more critical than ever. There are many ways to engage remote employees—use these tips to take advantage of your remote team and keep them happy and productive all year long.

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