When you're running a small business, your keeping your money is pretty essential to keep your business going. Paying transaction or transfer fees can be annoying when requesting payments, especially if this is something your company regularly does. You've probably found yourself ranting about being charged 2-3% when receiving payment. 

You’ve probably found yourself wondering, or maybe even ranting to others, about being charged these fees when requesting payments. However, if you were using Veem, you don’t have to be!

So, what is Veem?

Veem is a cloud-based, cost-effective global payment solution. With a clean and easy to use interface, Veem sends and receives money directly from one bank to another, removing the middleman and making its services more affordable than traditional methods. Sending money domestically only cost $1, with global transfers free of charge. 

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Veem not only saves you money by cutting out fees but time as well. Payments reach their destination much quicker than standard bank transfers. With Veem, the payment process takes little to no time with most completed in 1 to 3 days. 

Veem integrates seamlessly with Xero allowing bills created in Xero to be sent to Veem immediately. If a payment is created in Veem first, a Xero automatically creates an invoice. Veem also syncs automatically with QuickBooks Online. 

Signing up with Veem is easy, visit  or drop us a line and start living the fee-free life.