Looking to compete with Brex and Divvy , Expensify , the provider of the popular expense management app, has jumped into corporate lending by introducing the Expensify card a corporate card for companies using the Expensify app.

Originally launched in 2008, Expensify has tweaked the card to focus on expenses. When the card is used, it automatically generates an expense report and shares the transactions with the administration team in real-time. By doing do so, the card alleviates the user's fear of losing receipts and spending beyond their set limit.

The Expensify card offers constant reconciliation of approved expenses between accounting systems and Expensify, enabling administration and finance teams to get a clear picture of the company's financials in real-time. The card also provides spending controls and sets limits for unapproved expenses - allowing businesses to ensure compliance with policy and manage current cash flow.

Other features of the card include:

  • No fees, interest, commitments, or personal guarantees

  • Exclusive perks from Amazon Web Services, Stripe, PagerDuty,, Intercom, HighFive, Carta, Guideline, Stack Overflow, 电竞竞猜选手今日网址, SendGrid and more

Expensify will continue to roll out even more benefits for its card in the months to come.

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