Outsourcing + Paperless Office

Let’s face it - every time you can’t find a particular file or a time-sensitive document you think  to yourself “why haven’t I went green and moved all this stuff to the cloud.” But while you are thinking about it your business is still pushing paper around.

Our love affair with paper is almost as intense as our connection to our phones; it seems like it's something we can’t live without. However, the potential to go green in some companies could be a real advantage. Small businesses like accountants, attorneys or any other industry that could be considered “paper heavy” could benefit from going green

So, how can your organization make the transition? Recently, Xero shared some tips on how to move your paper-loving office into the digital age.

  1. Go Cold Turkey -  Save a tree and move entirely into the digital age. This means moving all your operation into the cloud and ceasing all document printing. Working via the cloud isn’t as scary as it sounds, plus you have the benefit of accessing all your files from any location. Try applications such as Box or Google Drive to start the process. However, such a significant change might put a strain on your employee, so transition accordingly.

  2. Out With the Old - If you still receive faxes, transition into electronic fax software and ditch the old equipment. Many VoIP providers offer this service, and it can save you money if you bundle with your current phone and internet services.|

  3. Back It Up - If you do decide to transition your files into the cloud remember to back all your documents up on external drives or using services such as Backblaze or Carbonite . Remember, digital data are easy to store, but are just as easy to delete. So, backing up your files is essential.

Creating a paperless office is not only beneficial for the environment but can also provide cost savings for your small business. Ask your tax accountant if there are any deductions you can take at year-end to help reduce your tax responsibilities.

Remember, the future is in the clouds - and your business should be too.